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The Billion Dollar Contract: The Executive Collection

Best The Billion Dollar Contract: The Executive Collection

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CONTAINS: Proposals, Conditions, Parties, Cosigners, Payouts


She needs a job.

He needs a sub.

Surely they can come to some sort of agreement.

Jasmine is jobless and down to her last dollar, living in squalor with only a mean cat to keep her sane. On the day of an important job interview she's spotted by Ethan Cole, the smart and handsome billionaire bachelor who tears through assistants as if they're cheap tissues.

He wants her. To be his assistant. To be his submissive. 

For six months all Jasmine has to do is be at his beck and call. In the office, in the boardroom... and in the bedroom.

In return, she'll become a millionaire.

They say that every person has a price. Ethan is willing to pay hers. Now she will enter his world of money, bad jokes, broken hearts, dangerous business partners, and sweet white collar power.

The moment she signs that billion dollar contract, she belongs to Ethan Cole. Her body... and her heart!


"Ex... excuse me?" Color drained from her face. She wasn't sure she even had a face anymore. Pretty sure it was sucked off her head from having her mind blown. "I'm sorry. I must have misheard. It sounded like you said you wanted to hire me to be your submissive."

Jasmine waited for Ethan Cole to blanch in disgust, or maybe humor. "Surely not!" he was supposed to say. "Boy, that would be weird!" Yes. Yes it was even weirder that Mr. Cole was not making such faces now.

"That is what I said, Miss Bliss. I admit it's rather unconventional. Not every day you're given such a proposal, I'm sure."

"No. I can safely say I do not get asked to be some rich guy's..." Jasmine pushed back her chair and looked beneath the golden trim of Ethan Cole's spiffy desk.

"Miss Bliss?"

She got up, bent down, and peered beneath the chair. Nope. No camera there either. Next she looked under the desk lamp. No chips. "Oh, come on! You got me!" Jasmine laughed, one hand wagging in Ethan's direction. "Who put you up to this? No, no, not anybody I know, surely. But I admit that this is definitely a fun way to end the day! Where are the cameras?"

"I'm sorry?"

Jasmine sat back down in the plush leather chair, this time slumping down as she crossed her legs, pulled out a chocolate from her purse, and started munching. "Whatever. You can't hide them for long. That NDA was for a TV show, right? Where's Ashton Kutcher?"

"There are no cameras, Miss Bliss. I'm sorry, you must be confused. This is a serious offer, not a television prank."

Any good humor Jasmine managed to drum up instantly left her body as if Ethan Cole were a professional exorcist. "You're joking." Not a question, because Jasmine could seriously not believe anything but was going on. This was a sick, twisted joke from a man who got his jollies dangling a job in front of young women before jerking it away again.

"I'm not. Granted, I'm used to seeing looks of disbelief, but not quite at this level. You're a strange woman, Miss Bliss."

"Strange? No, I'm pretty sure strange is when I'm called into some random billionaire's office and asked to become his sex doll." Jasmine sat up straight again, this time fueled by the anger bubbling in her stomach. Then her chest. Then her throat. "Are you kidding me? If this desk weren't right here between us, I swear to God I'd slap you."

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